Monday, April 25, 2016

A Pantry Makeover...Tips from a Pro

I used to think of myself as a moderately organized person.  And then.... I met Jillian.  Owner of "Off the Floor Organizing" and the Queen of symmetry, this girl can bring order to just about anything. 
Including my crazy mess of a pantry.
After we moved back in post-renovation, I paid zero attention to what was behind these doors:

I can't even say it was lack of time.  I just preferred to shut the doors on that mess and move on to a project that was more. . . visible. 
And that was fine for a while. 
UNTIL I found myself frantically shutting the pantry doors before guests arrived.
It had officially become an eye-sore.

and I can't even talk about the drawers:
We were literally just throwing things in there. 
Nothing had a home.

If you're lucky enough to live in the Charlotte area, check out Jillian's website here and then just scroll on down to the bottom for the after pictures in this pretty pantry/drawer makeover. 
But for those of you who aren't nearby, I took some notes as she was working so that I could pass on some of her wisdom to you:

1.  First: sort and purge
In the middle of five toddlers making laps around here, Jillian pulled everything out and took inventory of what we had. 
She asked along the way how frequently we use large items.
(i.e. that ice cream maker that was given to us five years ago shouldn't be taking up valuable shelf space.)  
We stored non-essentials like this under the kitchen island for that one rare Saturday when we can actually sit on the porch and make ice cream.  :)

2. Invest in Uniform Containers & Labels
Jillian chose the Ikea "Pluggis"bins for our pantry and 
chalkboard sticker labels from the Container store.
and these great $3 bins from Target for our over-sized pull out drawers
 Their uniformity helps to create a nicer aesthetic and higher end feel.
And as a bonus, plastic bins like these can be easily washed if needed.

3.  Aim for Symmetry
As Jillian says, "A space needs to be aesthetically pleasing as much as it needs to make sense for you and how you live."  
Symmetry is one easy way to do this:

4.  Refresh & Reorganize as Needed
I'll let the pro take this one:
"I always suggest my clients to 'live' in their space for a few days and see how everything flows with their daily routines. After a week or so, we tweak here and there to what makes the most sense for them.
I would also add that getting organized is one thing and STAYING organized is another. You might find that every 3-6 months your space may need a little organizing refresh!"

And just because I love a good side-by-side before and after, here it is one more time:

Thank you to Jillian for making our home so much more functional and beautiful!
Check her out here:
Off the Floor
and on Facebook here:

Cheers to an organized life!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DIY Copper Hanging Rack

The dreaded chore. 
I've grumbled about it for far too many years now. 
{Especially the socks.  I'm the WORST with socks.}  
In the back of my mind, I was hopeful that after we moved back home, our post-renovation laundry room with a gorgeous view of our front yard MIGHT make it more enjoyable.
I was wrong.  
It's still my least favorite thing to do.

But I heard an encouraging message the other day from one of the lovely ladies at Proverbs 31.
It stuck with me and rumbled around in my brain and my heart so much that I thought I'd share. 
The speaker suggested that instead of saying:
"I have to do laundry today during nap time,"
we turn it around and say:
"I GET to do laundry today during nap time!"

I know, easier said than done.  Truly.
BUT when I really stop and think how blessed I am to
a. Have laundry to do
b. Have a house FULL of people big and small that I am able to serve by folding their clothes.
When you think about it that way, it's a gift, y'all!
Such a gift!

So here's to a change of perspective today and a quick and easy DIY that I hope you'll love:
Hanging Copper Clothes Rack
It's simplified my process and BONUS...made this dreaded room a tiny bit prettier. 
And wouldn't you agree that it's SO much more fun to do chores in a pretty room?

All of the materials cost less than $50 and in just an hour or so, we have a whole new system!
And when our little ones are just a TINY bit older, they can grab their clothes and take them right into their rooms to be hung. 
A perfect system in my book :) 

 Now since I'm the worst with detailed instructions and any sort of tutorial, I'm going to send you over to my inspiration at the Food52 blog:
She does an excellent job of walking you through the materials needed and steps to follow:

Cheers to grateful hearts and gorgeous homes,

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Home Office Must-Haves

I made a design mistake.
I feel quite sure this never happens to design geniuses Emily Henderson or Suzanne Kasler. 
But PLEASE, please tell me it happens to you? 
Here's the back story: 
I wanted Michael to have a room all his own in our house {because goodness knows my saint-of-a-husband puts up with an awful lot of pink.} I was dreaming up a dark, moody gray color {we went with Benjamin Moore's "Kendall Charcoal"}, antlers, a cowhide, a vintage leather couch and LOTS of books {not just the decorative kind- the kind he's actually read}
Well...we got halfway there and then we BOTH realized that we'd chosen the wrong direction for our home office.
{Source unknown}

Though the color is GORGEOUS; it just wasn't the right fit for our light, bright & airy home.
The second the paint hit the walls it felt instantly richer; but also instantly smaller.
So now it's back to the drawing board.
We're lightening things up {with only a LITTLE bit of pink} ;)
Here are some of my favorite home office inspirations. . .

{via Glitter Guide}
The chunky, industrial desks are the winner here.  I believe they are from West Elm.
There's nothing better in my book than mixing a stark white palette with wood tones.

Though the colors aren't right for us, I adore the setup of this one.
{Especially for the fact that it includes the little ones}

{via the Decorista}
Stylish Storage is a MUST for us both.

{via Glitter Guide}
{via My Domaine}
Controlled chaos....keep the inspiration organized with a vision board.

{via the Decorista}
Pops of gold and a well accessorized desk are key components to the perfect airy office-whether at home or in your cubicle.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Top 3 Tips for Designing a Kids Bath

Elle and Beckham's Jack & Jill bathroom is one of my very favorite
parts of the renovation! 
Strange, right? A bathroom...really?  But it IS!  
The natural light that streams in here every afternoon is absolutely breath-taking.  If it weren't actually a bathroom, I might pull up a chair and enjoy a hot cup of tea in here one day.'s a bathroom (and our kids are still in diapers) that's crazy talk!
Beside each sink, we hung some of my favorite Nap Time Diaries prints.  
(If you haven't stopped by this little gem of a shop, hop on over there right this second!)
On the wall opposite the sinks and in the shower room, we needed a little something.
And THAT, my sweet friends, leads me to my
#1 Tip for Designing a Kid's Bath:
Use Bath-time Photos as Art
And this is where Shutterfly swoops in to save the day....again!
What better way to make a space their own than for them to see their faces
(or their little booties in our case) every morning when they brush their teeth:
and every evening when they take a bath:
Shutterfly offers canvases in every size imaginable and will even frame them for you. 
Check out their site for endless ways of displaying your favorite photos. 
I could spend HOURS on their site turning our pictures into artwork. 
So.much. fun!

And as always with Shutterfly, I am so pleased with the quality and super fast shipping!
These little faces really do make the space memorable and oh-so-special.
In fact, I've received more compliments on these canvases than just about anything else in our home.

#2  Add Floating Shelves for Storage
That empty space above the toilet is often so tricky. 
Artwork would be good.
But storage AND artwork would be even better. 

All you'll need is three aged boards cut slightly shorter than the top of your toilet.
(You could even age them yourself by staining them and then dry-brushing some white paint on top)
And six metal brackets from the hardware store. (I spray painted ours gold...of course!)
Hang & have fun decorating!
Add meaningful artwork, objects of interest, baskets for storage, &
 soap for easy access during bath time.
Super simple stylish storage.
{say that three times fast}

#3 Use Two Curtain Panels Instead of a Shower Curtain
& take that rod up as high as you can. 
For some reason this little trick instantly ups the wow factor in your bathroom:
less like a shower and more like an extension of your home.

To keep it spa-like, I prefer all white curtain panels...nothing too fussy or distracting.
We don't actually use the curtains yet, as our little ones are still getting bathed by us; however when the time comes for actual privacy, we'll just hang and hide a second rod behind the first with the shower curtain liner on it. 
Easy breezy!

Have a fab weekend friends,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Top 10 Thrifting Finds

If you live anywhere near the Charlotte area, chances are you've heard of 
Located in an old Potato Factory off of Morehead Street, the "Sack" {as it's often fondly called} is a delightful pop-up shop/showroom that rolls around every other month or so. 
Designers and vendors from around the Queen City, fill the warehouse to the brim with all sorts of eclectic and one of a kind pieces.  
No two sales are ever the same. 
And you are guaranteed to leave with at least an arm full of treasures {if not an entire car full.}
The prices are wonderful, the designers are delightful; and the two ladies behind it all {Martha & Nell} are the epitome of Southern sweetness.
Since they are kind enough to let Crisp Interiors have a little booth, I was able to snap a few preview pictures for you on move-in day.
I'm calling it:
My Top Ten Treasures @ The Sack

1.  A large rose serving bowl.  
Wouldn't this be perfect for an Easter tablescape? 

2.  A set of 4 cheery and bright chair frames. 
These would be so much fun in a playroom or around an eclectic breakfast table.

3.  Ginger Jars for DAYS!
Can't you just see these little beauties displayed on a bamboo etagere?

4.  A pair of crisp, white nightstands with agate knobs. 
{If these weren't in my booth, I think they'd be coming home with me.  But I want someone else to love them just as much as I do!}

5.  One of the most stunning sofas I have ever seen! 
Comfortable and stylish all at the same time. 
And that color...absolute peacock perfection!
6. A pair of gorgeous, glossy white lamps
So wonderfully chic!
{Since I can't stop thinking about them, they might have to find a place in my home}

7.  A Brilliant Green Velvet Side Chair
A show-stopper!

8.  An aged brass coat hook
The patina on this one is just SO GOOD!

9. Such unique and high quality fabrics. 
Every time I stroll through the Sack, I dream up at least a dozen pillows that I need to have made with all of this gorgeous-ness.
And the prices are so reasonable.

10. A trio of cheery artist's pallets turned into art themselves.
Wouldn't these brighten up a little girl's room or chic home office? 

If you're in Charlotte and are discovering The Potato Sack for the first time, 
here are all the details:

When: March 17-19th {9am-4pm each day}
Where: 2001 W. Morehead St. Charlotte, NC
How Do I pay: Cash & Carry

Happy Shopping, Charlotte Friends!