Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Doorways of Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina....
a city full of Southern charm, history, and,
of course, the architecture!

I always seem to notice something different each time I go....there's just SO much to take in.
This trip, I fell particularly in love with the DOORS in the historic district!  

Some are regal and majestic others are quaint and charming; but they each seem to tell their own unique story about the homes behind them.

Michael and I were the "ultimate tourists"....riding around on our bikes for hours, cameras out,  ooooing and ahhhing over every little detail.  Kids in a candy shop!!

I thought I'd share a few of our favorites.....

A perfect orange door against a creamy grey wall . . . the wheels were churning while taking this picture.
"Could I ever pull this off at home?"
  I think not...but it's the perfect Charleston look!  
Must come back and admire it again soon!

THIS one...stopped me dead in my tracks.  I did not want to leave this door!
Michael had to convince me to move it on along :)  
But those COLORS......

These double doors seemed to go up for miles....
the drama of the deep blue and height was breathtaking!

More double doors with original tile work.  
SUCH history here!  

My eye was first drawn to the original letter box on this door.  
And the panes in the glass and the large house numbers were perfect!
Don't you just wanna peek behind those curtains?
I don't know what it is about Charleston, but it makes me so nosy...
I feel like I just HAVE to know how these homes are decorated!  

I love the stately elegance of this Victorian home near the water.
Wouldn't you just love to watch the original owners of this home walk down these steps all dressed in their Sunday best?  
I am SURE it was a sight to be seen!

Here's a close-up of the doorknobs and escutcheon plates....
Look at that DETAIL!

Next up...barn door style! 
Not sure that these are original, but they sure are fabulous!

I think this was Michael's favorite

Wouldn't this be a perfect wall for a photo shoot? 
The aged walls against the fresh turquoise is such a CRISP contrast!

Now if only we could decide what color to paint our OWN front door, we'd be in business!

Be back soon with a fun new project that y'all might HAVE to try . . .

Enjoy today!


  1. Gorgeous doors. After a trip to Charleston, we were able to address our front door close to the street problem. Love the last photo. Have fun.

  2. These door certainly make a statement dont they I really like the first 2 they look like they should be in Downing Street dont they

  3. Beautiful doors.Awesome design.Looks really gorgeous.

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