Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Nursery Closet Makeover

While everything else in the ever-changing nursery is getting a fresh face, the closet was looking pitiful.... at best!  

This particular closet had become, over the past two years, the gathering place for those clothes that you know you'll PROBABLY never wear again but that you're just not ready to ship off to goodwill quite yet.  
(Really....you never know when those witch-like ankle boots will reappear on the fashion "must-have" list, right?)  
So you stash it away, hoping for that one day when your castaways closet will somehow magically  match up with your latest Pinterest board.
Never happened. (for me at least)
So. . . in one bold move, I donated it all.  I had a clean-ish slate:

Since we wanted the space to feel more open and airy, we removed the ancient bi-fold doors in an attempt to make the closet feel as if it were part of the room.   
The scary (and wonderful) thing about removing doors is that you can no longer cram, stuff, and hide things away.  
I hope that it forces me to STAY organized instead of just in the pre-baby nesting phase.

My inspiration came from this sweet picture:
{source unknown}

And my talented husband made it come to life with a quick sketch on a napkin and a trip to Home Depot.  I love being married to a builder!  He makes the magic happen.
He's GOOD!

While Micheal was busy nailing and measuring, my mom and I did our part by making the trek to IKEA to buy just a few more of the baskets that are my go-to... the BYHOMA.   I love the weathered grey color and choices of sizes.
After a quick coat of white trim paint using the sprayer, it was shaping up to be just what I had imagined:

And FINALLY on to the best part of all - making it pretty!!

Along with the smaller baskets from IKEA, I was THRILLED to find Restoration Hardware's woven baskets on Craigslist for a bargain! 

Although out of our budget at the regular price of $99/each, Craigslist (and a sweet mama of 4) came to my rescue.  
They were just the ticket to complete the look:

I can't wait to fill that closet up with clothes!!  
Thank goodness we aren't finding out the gender, or I would have WAY overspent this summer.

One more peek at the sad, sad before and the baby-ready after:

Thanks for indulging me with another nursery post :) 



  1. Oh my goodness, this is fantastic. Such a clever and creative idea and perfect for a little person. This will work for years to come. You made it so pretty too. I would love for you to link to my Inspire Me Tuesday party that is up and going. - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/07/173rd-inspire-me-tuesday.html Hugs, Marty

  2. This is SO GREAT!!! I love it - it's inspiring me to get some cute closet organization...

  3. Emily it looks fantastic! Your husband rocked it! It's so precious. Those baskets really were a score! I can't believe they are $99 at RH!

  4. This informative article ended up being undoubtedly an extremely excellent study.

  5. Now that looks more like a nursery closet! This is really fabulous. I really love those baskets and I think I will go search for something similar for my next closet makeover. Thank you for sharing this inspiration.

  6. Looks amazing! I will certainly have to do something like this before I move my two girls into the same room. Can you tell us what type of wood he used...and if he did the rounded edges himself or bought it that way?