Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Thrifty Secret and a Bookshelf

So I'm only 25 weeks into this 9 month journey, but I finally feel like it's not SO completely inappropriately early to begin decorating (and documenting) the nursery.   I do realize this is so cliche first-time-mom speak, but I want every part and piece of this room to mean something, to be special, and to reflect our home and our style.   
Pretty soon, I'm sure whatever is cheap, free, or clean will make its way into the nursery. For now, though, I'm in denial. 

Our office whose days of housing printer paper, half complete projects, and all other such clutter are numbered.  Make room for baby!

As of last week we've begun taking small baby steps to turn it into one of those dreamy nurseries I swoon over at 1 am on Pinterest.  Kind of like this:

{via Apartment Therapy}

We still need to install hardwoods and paint . . . SO without those big jobs complete, I had to start somewhere.  And since, thanks to wonderful grandmothers, we are quickly collecting loads of adorable books for "Baby K," we started with this "beauty":

Now before you go and judge a bookshelf by its cover, rest assured that this was the deal of the century!! 
I'm not sure how many of you know about but if you haven't checked them out yet, you might be in for a real treat!
It's an ebay-like concept, but all of the items are being sold by government agencies (schools, police stations, offices, you name it) who are getting rid of their surplus.
I'm currently getting sidetracked by this little gem on there this very moment:
Only $70 for a set of three vintage filing cabinets!!! WHAT?? 
(Only problem is I live nowhere near Tallahassee, FL)

This nifty website comes in especially handy if you're a teacher like me and are in desperate need of just a FEW more storage pieces that your school doesn't have.  Which is exactly why my husband bid on this bookshelf (which came with 4 others just like it).  $20 total, I believe!  Solid as a rock... but all YELLOW!!!

Since we're all about working with what you have around here, I set to work on our first baby project. 
Step 1:  Fresh Coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Pure"

This was the first time I've used "Pure" white over "Old White."  I do think I much prefer the clean, crisp look it lends to pieces.  Although I love "Old White" as well, it isn't always as fresh looking.

Step 2:  Add a contrasting color to the back
I knew I wanted some contrast of neutrals, but wasn't completely sold on just paint.  Next option.... FABRIC backing!  As I was rummaging through the garage, a large piece of drop cloth (my favorite go-to neutral "fabric") literally fell on top of my head.
It was fate!  We took off the back, wrapped a piece of drop cloth tightly around, secured with a staple gun and there was the perfect mix of neutrals and texture!

(I love when projects feel this easy!)

Step 3: Accessorize, accessorize!
Baby Knotts is already very lucky to have so many precious toys and books.  
I do believe we, in fact, house the entire Jellycat collection in our nursery already.  

I couldn't be happier with! 
(And still might find a way to get to Florida for those file cabinets) 

The rest of the room is quickly coming together!  I can't wait to show you the most gorgeous crib that we found for a steal :) 



  1. Very cute! And don't feel bad. I'm 27 weeks with #2 and just finished her nursery, nesting is pretty serious business!

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