Friday, May 16, 2014

The Friday Find: Framed Intaglios

{Hampton Hostess}

My ever-trendy mom helped me fall in love with the look of framed intaglios recently.  
I know some people aren't drawn to the repetition and the simplicity of the look; but, personally, I'm a fan of the sculptural and artistic presence they bring to a space.

{I adore the contrast of the white and gray in this framed intaglio piece}

I'm especially drawn to their history, their unique qualities; and the fact that they allow you to showcase a collection in an elegant way, without being too cliche.
I fear it's the OCD coming out in me that loves decorating in a series like this.  The grid, the symmetry, the clean lines....LOVE it!

For those of you, who like me, find yourselves in new territory with this intaglios thing, here's a quick history: 
Intaglios were originally sold in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries as souvenirs for wealthy tourists to remember their holidays.  The  plaster medallions were often numbered and documented with notes about each city or attraction they visited:

These travelers might never have guessed that one day these pieces would be displayed on the walls of some of America's finest homes.

{Suzanne Kasler for Architectural Digest}

Suzanne was one of the first to use intaglios as decor.... in the picture above, she's brought them into her bedroom and grouped them together for a bit of drama!

The sad part is, it's still incredibly hard to find them at a price point that's affordable.
Oh how I love the world wide web for this very reason!!
I found a seller who is well priced; and, although he ships from the UK, it still comes in way under most intaglios that I've found this side of the pond:

Mine came in yesterday and I'm SO very excited to begin the hunt for the perfect frames:

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Love! Thanks for the history too- I'm not familiar with these! :) very beautiful- going to check the link you shared. Can't wait to see what you do with these.